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How to respond to queries from clients faster and more cost effectively.png

How to respond to queries from clients faster and more cost effectively

Launching the new PM Assist service at ARPM 2017, Aimee Engelmann, CEO of outsourcing company Beepo, said one of the key factors of the growing pressure comes back to people and resources, with the allocation of workloads and the growing amount of administration within the sector.

“A leading brand recently blind surveyed their offices and found that over 200 of them were unable to respond to new business enquiries due to the large administration task load connected to doing their job or just being too busy to even respond,” Ms Engelmann said. 

“As anyone in the sector would attest, administration tasks rob you of income and growth. This is time which could be better spent chasing leads and doing the work they entered the industry to do.”

Ms Engelmann, who has worked with the property industry for the past decade, said outsourcing is an evolution in business which ensures agencies are able to keep in front of the curve in regards the cost pressures from digital disrupters and ensure sales leads aren’t missed.

Her prognosis is backed up by a HFS Research report which predicts outsourcing will become a $150 billion global industry by 2018; a jump from $90 billion in 2013.

Furthermore, a recent CBRE report showed that the Australian real estate sector is one of the fastest-growing industries to outsource components of their business increasing its outsourcing services by 190 per cent since 2012.

Due to demand in this space, Ms Engelmann said Beepo has just developed a fixed price delivery model for Property Management, which can complete 81 per cent of all property management tasks. These can include things like

  • Landlord and property onboarding; for example creating draft agreement and entry notices, scheduling /managing pre-tenancy maintenance
  • Tenancy search and onboarding; for example creating marketing materials, responding to queries, candidate screening and arranging condition reports
  • Tenancy Management; once your tenant has moved in, your Beepo PM assist team can arrange maintenance and repairs, routine inspections and more
  • Tenancy Exit; managing key dates and scheduling completion of condition reports and refunds

“I think of outsourcing as a strategic move for any business who doesn’t have staff who are dedicated to administration,” Ms Engelmann said. “Or who do have staff who do this, but need to find cost efficiencies so they can compete in one of the most competitive markets in the world.”