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Delivering value for Clients

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Aimee Engelmann first travelled to the Philippines in late 2013 to seek out graphic designers, office administration help and some bookkeepers for her Brisbane-based marketing business. What she planned as a one-off trip turned into 10 week-long excursions within a year

“I was absolutely astounded with the level of talent, and it really did open my eyes to the way the service industry is changing,” says Engelmann.

“I didn’t understand the depth and breadth of talent available until I got on a plane and experienced it myself.”

More and more businesses in English-speaking nations have begun to see the Philippines as an attractive business process outsourcing (BPO) destination over the past two decades.

Global connectivity helps, of course, but the country’s colonisation by the US between 1898 and 1946 also left it with a Western-oriented culture, US-style regulatory systems and a large pool of English speakers. The result: BPO is the economic success story of the Philippines. Aimee Engelmann’s enthusiasm is widely shared.

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