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Loan Processing and Packaging Outsourcing

What if you could cut 2-3 hours out of every loan you write? With the help of offshore staff, it’s possible. Many professionals are missing the opportunity to write more business because they are spending too much time on routine admin tasks instead of spending time in front of clients. While a local loan packaging and processing assistant is helpful, they also come at a cost in Australia’s highly-regulated workforce. With the help of offshore staffing solutions, finance professionals are able to receive the help they need to increase their capacity and take on more clients.

At Beepo, we understand the hardships faced by our clients. That’s why we pride ourselves on offering businesses a distinct competitive advantage in the finance industry. With Beepo, outsourcing has never been easier and more straight forward. We can help you find the perfect offshore loan packaging and processing assistant to provide ongoing support so you can focus on growing your business.

Beepo can help you build a team of highly trained professionals to perform all of your loan packaging and processing tasks. These include:

  • Set-up of loan application and data entry in CRM
  • Collect, verify and follow-up supporting documents
  • Prepare loan serviceability calculators
  • Order property valuations
  • Prepare and follow up discharge forms
  • Prepare compliance documents
  • Finalise complete loan file and lodge with lender
  • Track loan through to settlement
  • Regular follow-up with valuers, lenders and mortgage solicitors with status update reports
  • Notification of loan approval
  • Complete settlement checklist
  • Post settlement activities

From packaging to settlement, we will find you a team member who is 100% dedicated to your business.

In today’s increasingly competitive environment, efficiency is key to business success. Outsourcing loan processing will help your business productivity skyrocket and will supercharge your business for growth.

Benefits of outsourcing loan packaging and processing with Beepo

The most significant advantages of using outsourced loan packaging and processing include:

  • Cost savings - Loan packaging and processing can be a very resource intensive task. Hiring an offshore team member to help you complete these tasks will help you save and control any overhead costs within the business.
  • Efficiency increase - With the help of an offshore loan packaging and processing assistant, you could be cutting 2-3 hours out of every loan you write. Your new Beepo team member will help increase efficiency and productivity in your business.
  • Business growth - Hiring an offshore team member with Beepo will prepare your business for growth. Reducing the time spent processing paperwork on every deal you write will allow you to spend more time with your clients and increase your capacity to take on more work.
  • Increase employee satisfaction - Having the repetitive loan processing tasks completed by someone who is happy to do them, will decrease stress levels in your business and in return, increase employee satisfaction.

Contact Beepo for quality outsourced loan packaging and processing

With the help of an offshore loan packaging and processing assistant, you’ll have the time to secure the clientele you need to help your business grow and succeed. If you have any questions or enquiries, chat to us today. We also offer specialised support in roles including:




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