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Information Technology

We attract the best information technology specialists, ensuring your business is properly supported in the areas most important to you.

Web Development

Adding an offshore web developer to your team will give your business the freedom to build and maintain beautiful websites across all content management systems (CMS).

Our web developers are highly knowledgeable in user experience to ensure all websites are visually appealing and feature user-friendly design and clear navigation.

Software Development

Our offshore Software Developers are highly trained in computer software systems and constantly learn new ways to innovate – an important skill to ensure your software is as efficient as possible. From the initial design to installation, testing and maintenance, your offshore Software Developer can take care of your business’s software systems.

IT Helpdesk

We have the information technology specialists and IT Helpdesk to help staff your 24 hour help desk service. We understand that paying Australian staff penalty rates to be on call 24 hours adds up quickly, so outsourcing out of business hours makes sense.

Our tech support staff can help to identify your customer’s needs, provide tips on how to manage the problem or, if necessary, triage the enquiry to your Australian office for managing the next business day or in real time.

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Beepo helps my business by providing quality resources at a reasonable cost thereby allowing us to pursue opportunities that otherwise wouldn't have been feasible. Beepo is our offshoring partner as they provide a friendly and supportive environment to help foster the best results from our staff.

Peter Williams
Managing Director
Red Planet Software

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