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Human Resources

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Ensuring you have the right talent supporting your HR department is one of the many ways you can leverage efficiencies in your business. Outsourcing is a strategy that allows businesses to find the right talent for the right job - at the right price. If you have budget constraints or lack reliable resources, an offshore staffing solution could be ideal for your business.

Beepo is an Australian-owned outsourcing company located in the Philippines. We take the time to understand the hardships our clients face when it comes to growing a sustainable business in Australia’s costly and highly regulated workforce. That’s why we offer businesses a distinct competitive edge with offshore staff. We handle the entire recruitment process to ensure we find you a full-time talented HR professional that will be 100% dedicated to your business.

Your highly skilled offshore HR team member can manage tasks including but not limited to:

  • Recruitment
  • Staff retention activities
  • Employee contracts
  • Preparing, updating and sending HR reports and presentations
  • Providing guidance with regard to policy queries
  • Incident reporting
  • Updating staff databases
  • Writing detailed job descriptions
  • Strategically planning and executing recruitment advertising.

If you are looking to outsource your HR activities, Beepo can provide a highly skilled team member to manage all aspects including talent acquisition and retention, through to general employee administration.

Benefits of outsourcing HR with Beepo

The most significant advantages of using outsourced HR assistants include:

  • Cost saving - Hiring and training a local HR assistant requires a lot of time and money. Avoid recruitment costs and overheads by hiring an offshore team member. Outsourcing will allow you to more effectively control costs in your business.
  • Efficiency increase - Instead of overloading your existing team with HR tasks and jeopardising the quality of work delivered, hire an offshore HR assistant. With the combination of both onshore and offshore employees, you’ll notice a drastic improvement in efficiency and productivity.
  • Business growth - An offshore HR assistant can supercharge your business for growth. Hiring a Beepo team member can free up time in your existing team so they can focus on taking on more work. Creating capacity is key to business growth.
  • Increase employee satisfaction - Relieving your local team of any unnecessary stress will increase job and employee satisfaction within your business. By having HR support tasks managed by an offshore professional, you can expect to see a positive change in your working atmosphere.

Contact Beepo for quality outsourced HR

With the help of an offshore HR professional, we can ensure that your business is on its way to sustainable growth. If you have any questions or inquiries, chat to us today. We also offer specialised support in other roles including:

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James McGlin from Eventfinda, one of Beepo outsourcing's clients.

The result since engaging Beepo has been excellent. We were very quickly able to find our first candidate who has proven to be exceptional - an absolute superstar. The issues we were concerned about around power and Internet for example have been unfounded, Beepo have excellent infrastructure.

James McGlinn
Eventfinda, one of beepo outsourcing's clients.
Peter Williams of Red Planet Software one of Beepo outsourcing's clients.

Beepo helps my business by providing quality resources at a reasonable cost thereby allowing us to pursue opportunities that otherwise wouldn't have been feasible. Beepo is our offshoring partner as they provide a friendly and supportive environment to help foster the best results from our staff.

Peter Williams
Red Planet Software
Red Planet Software logo one of Beepo outsourcing's clients.
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