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Why outsourcing is a necessity for SMEs in Australia
February 26, 2018

Why outsourcing is a necessity for SMEs in Australia

Written by: Aimee Engelmann

There’s a negative connotation that comes along with the word “outsourcing’’. Some people are against it, thinking that it will decrease local jobs. Those who are the outsourcing sector know know that this isn’t the case.

The rise of technology brings in new challenges for every kind of business, whether it’s small or medium enterprises (SMEs) to large corporations. The world is flatter as a result of technology. Businesses are not just competing locally, they are competing with providers all over the world.

Technology is also moving very fast, and so is buying behaviour. Businesses today can’t survive without knowing about things like search engine marketing, social media and cloud computing. Keeping a competitive edge means keeping up to date, and that takes time and money.

SMEs, especially startups, are more at risk of struggling in their industries because they generally have less available resources than large corporations. They need to focus on developing their strategies and processes and not to mention save resources in order to get higher revenues.


Why outsourcing is a necessity for SMEs in AustraliaImage courtesy of Ambro via FreeDigitalPhotos.net


This is where outsourcing comes in. Outsourcing isn’t only for the huge corporations anymore. Offshore teams are now readily available to cater to Australian SMEs, helping them develop their business efficiently. But what should business owners outsource?

Tasks that don’t need the physical presence of a staff can be given to other teams elsewhere. Marketing, recruitment, training, customer care and data management are just some of the tasks that can be given to outsourced teams. By outsourcing, SMEs can grow their business and get the skills they need leveraging a global workforce. Yes, some use outsourcing to save on costs, but it doesn’t mean that it limits job opportunity locally. In fact outsourcing opens up better opportunities for the Australian workforce, as businesses tap into ways to make their business more sustainable.

The common statistic thrown around is that 50% of small business fail in the first 2 years. Imagine if this were no longer the case. How many new local jobs would be created?

A lot of companies are already reaping the rewards of outsourcing. These companies are using the money they save for the benefit of their local employees and clients. Accounting firm director Justin Flavel, builder Mark Hughes, Mini Movers CEO Mike O’Hagan, Wealthfarm SEO Nick Sinclair and Master Builders Association Director Gavan Forster are just some of the big names in the industry benefitting. These companies are thriving and growing their teams in Australia whilst also tapping into outsourcing benefits for their businesses.

It’s time your business should experience the benefits too. Contact Beepo to learn more about how get the most out of outsourcing.

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