[Video] Why more Mortgage Brokers than ever before are Outsourcing to The Philippines

Gary Culverhouse
Gary Culverhouse
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Trying to grow and scale a broking business has its challenges and risks. This video blog explores why more brokers than ever before are outsourcing to the Philippines.


“Trying to grow and scale a broking business has its challenges and risks. The industry is very reliant on positive economic conditions and a confident lending environment. Both of which, as we have seen in recent times, can change quickly.

More brokers than ever before are outsourcing to the Philippines to help with this challenge right now.
Did you know Macquarie, ANZ and Citibank have massive operations in the Philippines? If it’s good enough for the banks, surely it’s good enough for brokers.
Working with a Philippines-based virtual assistant is exactly the same as working with somebody in your office. You can still email them, talk to them on the phone and collaborate on documents.

It’s not 1999 anymore and web conferencing technology is now ridiculously cost-effective and reliable and the internet has come a long way.

Security measures have also improved. Our protocol involves, 24/7 onsite security, biometric scanners, CCTV throughout, and BeepoSecure - our password management application.

Did you know that in the Philippines, you can hire an English-speaking, university educated employee for around $25,000 a year? This includes all costs, from equipment, superannuation to our office management, supervision and security.

Cost savings aside, a Philippines-based outsourcing strategy can also help you manage the risks associated with business growth. If you find that you are not writing enough business to support your growth plans, you can dial down your outsourced team quickly and cost-effectively. Conversely, if you find business is going gangbusters and you need more help, you can easily grow your offshore team.

In short, you can cost-effectively scale up to enable yourself to write more loans by having somebody complete the mundane, repetitive, and process-driven tasks.

We have a team of highly-trained, highly-skilled professionals that can help kick start your outsourcing journey immediately. Contact us today for more information.”

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