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Old school vs new school #ljh17
February 26, 2018

Old school vs new school #ljh17

Written by: Aimee Engelmann

Old school vs new school #ljh17

Old school vs. new school

First day of #ljh17 conference done, and there were some obvious themes shining through from presentations – CX, innovation, disruption, resilience and solving customer problems.  Did you take something from the Lonely Planet story from Gus?   And did he (kinda) draw parallels between the Real Estate industry to the turkey at Christmas?    What if his bold predictions are right and customers are moving to a pay-for-a-service model not a buy and own it?   Ride sharing, driverless cars, house swapping, tiny homes, minimalism and work from anywhere are all trends that are only going in one direction. Younger generations, are changing the way they invest and spend. 

Five years ago if you told me I wouldn’t be staying in hotels when I travel for work, and I go to a website and rent some random’s inner-city apartment (because its just as convenient, better value for money and frankly more FUN when travelling with a group), I wouldn’t have believed you.  Staying in a random’s house, even when they are home, are you kidding me!   My 71 year old Mum loves AirBnB when she’s interstate.  For her it’s social, and she is the type of person who actually wants to chat to a random.

Getting back to the speaker themes, I couldn’t help but think as Rik (not Rick) gave us a tonne of CX gold on how to engage the customer and WOW them; books, domain names of children, welcome mats and ribbons on doors – I was thinking to myself - how can you actually RESOURCE for all of this.  How can you make all of that happen, and who exactly is going to do it?  CX is as the name suggests an “experience” and what one person loves another may hate.  So how does an office build systems, processes and people that can get to know what is going to truly WOW one client. The ultimate is being able to treat the customer base as individuals that have different needs and wants.   But that costs in time, and time is our greatest resource.  

Amazing ideas for CX get thrown around all the time, but if you don’t execute what’s the point. 

You may be a little brain drained from what was a stellar day of presentations and thought-provoking insights.  Yes technology is changing and it’s lightening fast.  Consumers want more – instant coffee isn’t fast enough as we heard in the opening.  So yes there needs to be change, and yes there will be platforms and technology that help, interact, serve, analyse and probably do some other really cool stuff we can’t even imagine yet.  But at the core is something that I know to be true – is that most of you have been in the cycles of change – be it when interest rates were 17%, the GFC and other big moments in the economic cycle - you have ALREADY been through it, adapted, fired, hired, investigated and responded. Survived and then thrived.  It is the same skills – just applied with a new twist. 

So for those seasoned campaigners – sure you might have to learn a few new acronyms like CX, CPMs and CROI but it’s the same fundamentals.   And the newbies, you’re already plugged in and a fabulous source of information of what new consumers want and need. Maybe there’s a role for new school and old school to team up and transform what we do for clients, and how we do it?

Aimee Engelmann

P.S {Warning shameless plug} Seriously if you do want to learn how you can resource your team to deliver customer WOW and have the flexibility to adapt and grow - then drop in to the Beepo stand at #ljh17
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