Going offshore: the most effective business investment you’ll make

Mark Engelmann
Mark Engelmann
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 So you're willing to live large when holidaying in SE Asia, but when it comes to looking after your business investments suddenly thriftiness is the key?

When was the last time you holidayed in South-East Asia? I bet you stayed in Bali, or Phuket, or Vietnam, or any other number of beautiful beach resort destinations... and you didn’t worry about the cash.
You knew you were in a low cost economy, after all. That is why you went there and not Ibiza or the Greek Islands. Perhaps you went to one of these destinations and stayed in a 5 star hotel, had a massage everyday, drank cocktails and ate out every meal. The money wasn’t an issue - not when it only costs a hundred bucks a day to have a whale of a time. But, now you're in the Philippines because you’ve heard about the world’s best value, English-speaking talent. You want to build an offshore team. You want to make an effective business investment.

At Beepo we make no secrets about the fact we are a premium provider of offshore, outsourced services. We are not simply a supplier of services, we are a partner who works extremely close with our clients to ensure they are successful in their offshore initiative. We know where outsourcing can fall down and we know how to implement strategies to make things run like a dream. Here are some of the measures we take at Beepo to guarantee offshoring success for your business:

  • Local Outsourcing Consultants on the ground providing help, advice and strategy whenever you need it
  • Highly skilled account management in our Philippines Office, ensuring an extremely fast response to any problems that may arise along the way
  • Practical and effective remote training methods we share with you
  • Exceptionally skilled and experienced Western Management
  • Partnerships with IT Connectivity, Process Improvement and Networking specialists, ensuring you have the best user experience, locally and in the Philippines
  • Rock solid security measures
  • Tailored recruitment processes, ensuring we select the staff who best fit your organisation
  • Fantastic staff reward and recognition programs to help grow our fun and productive office culture
  • Regular client NPS (customer service survey) that we act on to foster continuous improvement in our Beepo service

The list goes on… and not surprisingly it costs money to deliver a skilled offshore team with this level of service. But, just like when you were on your last holiday in SE Asia, it doesn’t cost anywhere near as much as it does in Australia and that’s why we do it.

If you’re willing to holiday in SE Asia and live large, then I would suggest you offer your business the same opportunity. While you might come back from your holiday feeling incredibly relaxed, chances are you won’t come back having actually made money. But if you afford your business a similar luxury and partner yourself with a premium provider of outsourced services you’ll create an environment where you can grow your margins and create more profit. Who knows? You might even be able to skip SE Asia for your next holiday and enjoy living it up in the Greek Islands instead.

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