Demystifying Outsourcing in the Real Estate Industry

We’ve spent a lot of time speaking to real estate principals and have noticed that lots of the same questions and concerns arise about outsourcing to the Philippines; things like:

  • Do Filipinos have good English skills?
  • What measures are in place to ensure my data is secure?
  • How are team members recruited and trained?
  • How do I go about integrating an offshore team member with my local team?
  • How are staff managed to ensure they are productive?
  • What technology is used?

Recently we conducted a focus group with 12 high performing real estate principals and decided it would be useful to share the output.

For privacy reasons the focus group was anonymous, but Beepo founders Mark and Aimee Engelmann have recorded this Q&A based on the questions and answers from the focus group - addressing many of the common concerns, including the ones above.

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B_WebT Cover_Demystifying outsourcing in the Real Estate industry