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Answering all of your Questions about outsourcing in the real estate sector

As the demand and pressures on real estate businesses have intensified, outsourcing has become an important player and the role it now plays in the industry today is vastly different than just a few years ago.

Today, outsourcing is a far more sophisticated industry that now caters to the diverse needs of all levels of business. It’s not just reserved for larger companies or call centres.

But despite this growth, many within the sector are still skeptical when it comes to outsourcing. 

This ebook will openly examine the reality of outsourcing for the Real Estate sector, featuring expert commentary from two industry leaders, Jason Rose from LJ Hooker Real Estate, Head of Network Business Growth and Aimee Engelmann, Beepo, CEO.

Hopefully, it will answer any questions you may have around outsourcing within the real estate sector.

Real Estate Principal Q&A

Recently, Beepo conducted a Philippines Outsourcing focus group with 12 high performing real estate Principals.  The aim of the focus group was to gain industry insights and understand the benefits outsourcing could bring to an agency; as well as the concerns that prevent agencies from leveraging the great efficiencies available in building an offshore capability.  

For privacy reasons the focus group was anonymous, but Beepo founders Mark and Aimee Engelmann have recorded this 2 part Q&A based on the questions and their answers from the focus group.

You can download the audio or read the transcript by clicking Download link below.

25 Tasks your Real Estate Virtual Assistant can do at Beepo

Considering implementing an offshore strategy in your real estate business but unsure on the types of tasks that are most suitable? 
A Philippines Virtual Assistant can provide support on a whole range of real estate office functions, including property management, sales, accounts and marketing.

32 Questions to Ask Your Outsourcing Provider

If you are considering implementing an offshore strategy in your business, it is crucial you understand how your provider works and what they do to ensure important metrics such as productivity, staff retention, and up-time are achieved and maintained.

Get your FREE handbook that provides a list of the key questions covering the following areas:

  • Operations
  • Holidays and Leave
  • Security
  • Human Resources and Recruitment
  • Invoicing and Account Management

Make sure you ask any provider these questions to ensure you are getting the level of service and support to guarantee your success.

The Education Series

Although businesses are realising massive benefits from utilising offshore staff; for many, the development of an offshore team is difficult, fraught with danger and can result in damaging losses to your business. There are many risks along the way.

This is why we have created a 5 part Education series consisting of detailed whitepapers and highly practical templates; which will provide you with the tools to ensure many of those risks are mitigated and place you in a position to leverage your offshore team to deliver amazing, transformational growth to your business.

107 Ideas for Outsourcing Your Sales and Marketing

What can outsourcing sales and marketing staff do for my business?

Get your FREE handbook on what you can outsource to offshore Sales and Marketing staff. Find out how to use your offshore staff to:

  • Harness the power of multiple online and offline marketing channels
  • Gain qualified leads
  • Create campaigns and test results for quality and predictability
  • Do it all at a lower cost!

Download the 107 Ideas for outsourcing your Sales & Marketing handbook for ideas you can implement right now.

ON-DEMAND WEBINAR - Outsourcing offshore for LJH & Harveys - your questions answered

Get educated on the productivity and profitability outsourcing brings in this on-demand webinar. Plus all your questions answered:
  • Show you how you can save over $5000 a month 
  • Set the record straight on some of the most common myths we hear regarding language skills, data security and privacy
  • Show you the quality of the work being produced
  • Share relevant case studies on who’s doing what offshore already in PM admin, sales support, marketing and bookkeeping (and the success they are having)

The Top 10 Offshore Roles You Need Now to Boost Your Capability and Grow Your Margins

These 10 offshore roles will help you meet your business goals

Get your FREE copy of The Top 10 Offshore Roles You Need Now to Boost Your Capability and Grow Your Margins. This guide will show you:

  • Why the Philippines is the #1 destination for high-quality offshore staff
  • How to match the skillsets of offshore professionals with the needs of your business
  • How hiring offshore staff will save your business money
  • How hiring offshore staff will give you time to grow your business