36 Questions to Ask Your Tech Services Outsourcing Provider

Are you a tech focused business or a business considering implementing offshore tech and IT support but not really sure where to start?

36 Questions to Ask Your Tech Services Outsourcing Provider resource ebook Beepo

Sending tech support offshore can help you save time and money while ensuring you stay ahead of your competitors. However, before selecting an outsourcing supplier it is crucial you understand how they operate and what they do to ensure important metrics are achieved and maintained.

It’s all about asking the right questions.

Download our free eBook and make sure you are armed with the right questions to ask any prospective outsourcing provider, including:

  • Do you operate 24/7?
  • Have there been any data breaches in the past?
  • Have you worked on a project similar to mine?
  • How can I access the files my staff will be working on to check on their progress?
  • What productivity reporting do you provide as a standard?

These questions and more will set you on the right track to selecting the most suitable provider to help you support your tech business or IT support needs and guarantee success.