Our People

Aimee Engelmann,
CEO & Founder.

Aimee is an entrepreneur with a decade of diverse leadership experience. She created Beepo in response to all that she learned as a business owner outsourcing elements of her work to Asia. Aimee saw there was great need for an outsourcing company that could deliver premium service and success to businesses all around the world. An innovator, she integrated the latest technology with best practices in recruitment and quality assurance to design Beepo - the new standard in offshore services.

A ‘2015 Young Entrepreneur Trailblazer of the year’, Aimee is leading Beepo to bold new horizons with an expansion of services across several industries in Australia, with an aim to maximise clients’ customer service and business efficiency. She is spearheading the company’s forecast growth to 5000 staff over the next five years.

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Mark Engelmann, Co-Founder and Consultant.

Mark has many years of experience as a manager and business analyst. As a founding member of Beepo he has been an integral part of the company’s burgeoning success. A winner of the Business News Australia 2015 Trailblazer of the year award, Mark leads a team of Consultants and is responsible for the company’s sales and business improvement strategy.

Matthew Garrett, General Manager.

Matt is an Operations and HR Management professional with over 25 years experience in both public and private sectors. In recent years he has fulfilled the role of National Operations Manager for an Australian Training Organisation, and has developed a stand-out ability to nurture teams and drive productivity. As Beepo’s General Manager, Matt oversees operations at our facility in the Clark Freeport Zone in the Philippines.

Nick Ogden, Outsourcing Consultant.

Nick is responsible for new client engagement across Australia. He plays a pivotal role in ensuring success for businesses that partner with us. With many years of management experience in the luxury automobile industry he is adept at aligning premium products with the needs of customers. Nick is an essential part of the team driving the expansion of Beepo’s Australian client base.

Naomi Tolosa, Client Experience Manager.

Naomi understands the needs of Western businesses, having lived and worked in Australia for a number of years. She works closely with our clients, ensuring their day-to-day processes are carried out in a timely and skillful manner by our offshore staff. She has over a decade of experience in the BPO Industry, and has filled the role of Operations Manager for one of the world’s largest telco's. She also has extensive experience in sales, customer service and small business.

Mitch Punzalan, Project Team Manager.

Mitch leads the Beepo Project Team and the Outbound team who work side by side on various client projects in varying industries. She has more than 10 years experience in back-office operations managing performance and employee relations for over 100 staff.

Marilou Garcia, Group Accountant.

Marilou leads the way for Beepo’s finance and accountancy department. She has 15 years’ experience in the field, having filled leadership positions as Head Accountant and Finance Manager for large multinationals in construction and IT.

Jessie Rey Narciso, Recruitment Manager.

Jessie heads the Beepo Recruitment Team, managing the end-to-end recruitment process for international clients. He is a seasoned professional who has spent over a decade in the BPO industry in a diverse range of roles. He has brought that experience to bear, having established himself as our highly effective sourcing and recruitment specialist.

Adrian Guevarra, Real Estate Account Manager.

Dedicated and results-oriented, Adrian has over sixteen years of supervisory, customer service and project management experience. As an account manager for the Beepo Real Estate team, Adrian utilises his extensive operational and management experience to improve the effectiveness of all tasks and staff he oversees.

Lourdes G. Vega, Real Estate Trainer.

Lourdes has several years’ experience in Real Estate customer service, ranging from property management to technical support, resolutions and team leadership. Lourdes designs courses and handles training programs, as well as mentors newer staff members to become effective assistance.