As you may be aware, your offshore team member is coming up to their work anniversary. I will be sending a personalised message to your team member to show our appreciation and thank them for all their hard work and commitment.

Part of our internal processes is conducting performance reviews. This will usually involve a one-on-one with your team leader and staff where they reflect on performance and provide opportunities for improvement and growth in their role. This feedback will be kept on file and evaluated again in 12 months time from a review.

Retention is an important aspect when achieving a good ROI. Because of this, your team leader may also want to discuss any development and/or training opportunities for the year to come. This will also be an appropriate time to discuss any salary increases, bonuses, leave entitlements etc. Staff salary reviews can be tricky to negotiate, particularly when you throw some cultural differences into the mix. Here is a link to a short video that shares some of my insights into this.

We pride ourselves on providing our staff with a safe, stable and supportive work environment. An environment that makes turning up for work enjoyable. Therefore, your feedback on your staff member and our services is incredibly important to us

If you would like advice on retention planning, please don't hesitate to respond to this email or feel free to give me a call.

Thanks once again for your continued support.

Nick Ogden
Country Manager