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Our customers have reduced their cost of labour to 25% by combining outsourcing offshore with Cloud technology.

With so much downward pressure on fees, property
has become a tough business.

Rockend software, combined with Beepo outsourcing is designed to help you compete and save costs, with a modern and efficient business model that’s ready for the future. By outsourcing some of your more mundane tasks to a Rockend trained and accredited assistant, you can expand your operations without blowing your budget.

Sharpen your competitive edge by adding another person to your team without the costs of training, HR and office expenses. Your outsourced staff are all pre-screened, university educated and highly trained, so you can rely on their work.

At Beepo, we measure and monitor all tasks rigorously to ensure high quality standards are maintained.

Plus, if staff need to take a day off work, you are guaranteed a replacement staff member to keep your tasks moving.

Beepo is the exclusive outsourcing provider for Rockend Accredited Property Management Assistants.


Reducing your business costs.png

Reducing your business costs

Run your business more cost-efficiently with a Rockend Property Assistant who is willing and happy to take on all your mundane transactional tasks - for a fraction of the cost.

Growing without worrying about extra people, office space or IT.png

Growing without worrying about extra people, office space or IT

With a Rockend Property Assistant, you can bring on new clients quickly and scale the team as needed.

Improving the service you offer.png

Improving the service you offer

With a Rockend Property Assistant, you’ll be able to process tasks faster. You can also free up your local staff to build stronger relationships with your clients.

Getting expert assistance without the HR or training overhead.png

Getting expert assistance without the HR or training overheads

When you take advantage of a Rockend Property Assistant, you gain immediate access to Rockend trained and accredited people who are skilled in Rockend software and the industry. There’s no need to worry about recruitment, training or even ongoing HR. It’s all included.

Make your transition easy with minimal disruption and cost.png

Make your transition easy with minimal disruption and cost

Moving from REST to PropertyTree is a snap. We provide professionally trained staff to transition your business with minimal interruption and cost.

Increasing Job satisfaction.png

Increasing job satisfaction

Unchain your property managers so they can do more of the job they love and less of the things they don’t.


This will free you up to invest the $84,006 per year back into the growth of your business.


Property Listing
  • Load management into system and flag extra details required
  • Follow up for additional property information
  • Commence draft lease agreement
  • eFile documents and input data received
  • Schedule inspection
  • Send entry notice
  • Plan out inspection
  • Liaise with service providers for cleaning / repairs
Tenancy Marketing
  • Complete ad copy and have approved by Property Manager
  • Input ad data and images into property ad tool / sites
  • Answer enquiries on open for inspection (CFI) by inbound email, phone, respond by outbound email and phone as required
Tenant Application Processing
  • Receive enquiries and applications
  • Review information and files submitted by applicant
  • Screen candidates in online database, verify if without default
  • Follow up missing or incomplete requirements via phone
  • Capture data, create profiles and upload soft copies of submitted files
  • Contact provided references and confirm details provided
  • Follow up on additional requirements or reference feedback
  • Report screened applicants to Property Manager for review
  • Receive final tenant choice and notify application outcome
  • Send lease agreement for signature
  • Send new tenancy kit
  • Schedule entry condition inspection
  • Answer new tenant enquiries
  • Follow up on any lacking information
  • Communicate details of handover to onboarding tenant
Arrears Management
  • Communicate rent due to tenants as per schedule agreed with the Property Manager
  • Issuance of breach notices (per Property Manager's advice)
    • Follow up on breaches as necessary
Routine Inspection Management
  • Generate routine inspection packet
  • Issue inspection forms
  • Send entry notifications
  • Reschedule if required
Maintenance and Repair Management
  • Receive repair request
  • Liaise with service provider
  • Update information in request
  • Advise tenant of details of repair
  • Follow up as necessary with tradie or tenant
Lease Renewal Management
  • Contact tenant and ascertain intentions
  • Prepare lease renewal kit
  • Follow up return of signed forms
Tenancy Exit Administration
  • If lease is being finalised
  • At end of tenancy
    • Issue notices as required
    • Confirm and liaise with tenant
    • Provide exit checklist to tenant
  • Tenant break of lease
    • Obtain written notice from tenant
    • Enter in property management software and issue required notifications as required
    • Identify break of lease fees and charges and have approved
    • Liaise with tenant and follow up
  • Landlord break of lease
    • Provide notice to tenant
    • Liaise and follow up as required
  • Due to tenant default
    • Issue notices to all parties as required
  • Send required notices and exit checklist to tenants for all types of exits including:
    • End of tenancy tenant break of lease, landlord break of lease or tenant default
    • Obtain completed Exit Condition Report
    • Schedule time for inspection
    • Issue exit report and bond decision to tenant
    • Follow up regarding inspection as required
    • Complete bond refund process
With Beepo, our Property Managers have gone from spending 90 minutes on a tenancy application, to 3-7 minutes, which makes a whole lot of sense.Principal
Having a staff member from Beepo means it’s taken the pressure off the people who wore the pressure before. It’s made a huge difference to the work environment for my admin staff here which just makes the office a happier, easier place to be.Suzie Reid

Principal at Laing + Simmons
Double Bay Property


All our Rockend Property Assistants are tested to a standard set by Rockend. They undergo five weeks of intensive training and testing, receiving their accreditation only upon successfully passing the testing modules. We are the only provider that can supply Rockend accredited staff.

Privacy & Security

We take client data very seriously, and as a result have finance industry standard, triple layered security.
We have 9 primary security features at our Philippines office:

Access control system to the main entrance

To monitor who comes and goes from building.

Security personnel

Security guard on-site 24/7.

Locker room

No devices are allowed into the operations area, meaning no sensitive information can be recorded or removed.

Biometric system

Used for tracking staff entering and exiting the operations area.

Clean desk policy

Ensures no sensitive information is recorded or removed from the operations area.

CCTV throughout the building

Monitors the safety and security of staff and company property.

USB access control

Ensures no sensitive information can be removed via USB.


Allows us to monitor and manage what staff can access via the Internet.

Beepo secure

Provides access to Cloud-based programs through a single sign-in, meaning staff don’t have access to any of your passwords.

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