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Outsourcing offshore is a hot topic. Nick Ogden and Gary Culverhouse are experienced speakers with the relevant tools and case studies to help businesses be more efficient and profitable.

Topics include:

  • Outsourcing Offshore: The key to your office growth or a recipe for brand disaster? Learn if outsourcing is right for you, how to be successful and mistakes to avoid.
  • Outsourcing Offshore: Case studies of successful businesses. The five reason’s for failure (and how to avoid them).
  • Outsourcing for driving growth, efficiency and customer experience. Learn how to outsource offshore and how to get it right the first time.
  • Driving Business Growth: Is outsourcing & automation the future for customer experience?

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About our Speakers

Nick Ogden Country Manager of Beepo Outsourcing in the Philippines

Nick has worked in Sales Leadership roles for some of the world's biggest brands for over 15 years.

Nick has extensive experience in supporting over 100 Australian businesses across a range of industries set up successful offshore teams.

His collaborative, open approach and commitment to constant process improvement has been a key driver in strategic business development and growth for many clients.


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Gary Culverhouse National Sales Manager of Beepo Outsourcing

Gary has 6 years financial planning experience, coupled with 14 years experience at the helm of a finance broking company. He successfully grew the finance broking business from zero to 100 loans per month. He also organically established a property management portfolio. 

He is passionate about working with clients on their business growth strategies.


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