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Why did you get into the Real Estate business? We’ll bet that it wasn’t to spend all day doing repetitive admin work. You probably entered the business because you love dealing face to face with people, and you have a passion for getting results; be it a new listing, a new management, or the holy grail of another closed sale!

A key strategy for Real Estate Principals looking to grow or scale a successful agency is to outsource processes that do not constitute part of your core Agency business. This strategy allows you to refocus on high-value, revenue-generating activities that will ultimately lead to strong revenue growth, improved profit margins, and as a result, a higher enterprise value.

In Real Estate, success is measured by the number of properties you list and sell and the size of your rent roll. Outsourcing and offshoring provides Real Estate Agencies the opportunity to focus on selling and managing properties by taking away the highly repeatable, process driven, time consuming administrative tasks, such as back office administration, sales support and even marketing.

You’d never dream of sending an admin person out to make a sale, so why would you think the result would be any better when you ask a sales focused executive to perform admin tasks?

And ask yourself this question “Do my salespeople and Property Managers love doing admin work?”

The Beepo team do LOVE doing admin work, and have a passion for it being done perfectly, Every. Single. Time. And just to make sure, we measure the performance of every activity.

More and more Real Estate Agents and Property Managers are seeing the benefits of not only outsourcing to save time, but also to increase the quality of their customer experience. Offshoring will save you money, allowing you more time to focus on truly scaling your business and achieving that elusive sustainable competitive advantage.

What tasks can real estate agencies outsource offshore?

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