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Haven't had an opportunity to kick start your outsourcing journey yet? Let us help you get started.

  • What is it?

    What is it:

    A 30 day free trial of our tenancy application processing service.

  • When can you start

    When can you start:

    We agree on a start date and process your tenancy applications for 1 month. (Refer to the trial timeline for more detail).

  • How it works

    How it works:

    You sign up, we meet with you to confirm the process, deliverables and expectations, we set you up with a free property management assistant and start processing your tenancy applications - it's as easy as that.

  • What you get

    What you get:

    A risk free opportunity to see the benefits of outsourcing in your very own business at no cost to you!

  • What you get

    What we need from you:

    Commitment to the full trial timeframe, buy-in and support from your team, dedicated time with your property manager for task assignment / review and webcam for meetings.

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How The Free Trial Works

Initial Call

Within 1-2 Hours

Someone from our team will be in touch within 1-2 hours of you completing our trial request form. They will have a chat with you to find out more about your business, run through how the trial works and answer any questions you may have.

Trial Sign-Up

When You’re Available

This is the part where you’ll need to complete the trial set up form and sign the agreement - don’t worry, it’s all very easy! And remember all completely obligation free. At this point we’ll also run you through the relevant workflow and processes, and be on hand if you have any further questions.

Trial Set-up

Once Paperwork is signed

At this stage, we’ll assign your Property Management Assistant, and set them up with equipment and system access. We’ll meet with your Property Manager to go through how the trial will work in a greater level of detail.

Commence Trial

Day 1 of Trial

Exciting stuff - your trial has started! We’ll meet with your Property Manager at the start of the day to discuss the day’s tasks. We’ll also ensure we have regular touch points throughout the next 30 days.

Trial Check-in


Our sales manager will get in touch each week to see how your trial is progressing and assist with any questions you may have.

Trial Review

Day 21 of Trial

As your trial starts to draw to a close our sales manager will touch base with you to find out what you think. If you’re impressed (which we’re sure you will be!), he’ll talk options moving forward and what will work best for you business.

Conclusion of Trial

Day 30 of Trial

If you’ve decided you want to sign up for our service we’ll transition you across and complete the necessary paperwork. Welcome on board, looking forward to working with you longer term! If you’re not convinced we’ll handover any outstanding tasks to your Property Manager.

Meet The Team

  • Gary bnw

    Gary Culverhouse

    National Sales Manager

    Responsible for new business relationships, partnerships and building tailored solutions for clients via regular business reviews.

  • Adrian Guevarra

    Adrian Guevarra

    Real Estate Account Manager

    Overall responsibility for delivering outstanding service by supporting and coaching the Team Leaders.

  • Marcia Da Silva

    Marcia Da Silva

    Account Manager

    Responsible for working with the Business Development and Client Experience teams to deliver an exceptional customer experience to all our clients.

  • Arvin Buenaventura

    Arvin Buenaventura

    Real Estate Team Leader

    First point of contact on day-to-day matters for clients and staff, management of successful onboarding and continuous review of staff utilisation and quality assurance.

  • Allocated Per Client

    Allocated Per Client

    Property Management Assistant

    Provides assistance with administration and back office tasks, for the client's Property Management team.

  • Pia Payuran

    Pia Payuran

    Real Estate Instructional Designer

    Accountable for creating, updating and improving real estate training documentation for client-staff training.

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