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September 10, 2018

The top 3 training benefits of having a Rockend Property Assistant at Beepo

Utilising a Rockend Property Assistant at Beepo has 3 benefits above and beyond the standard offshore outsourcing model:

1. A Rockend Property Assistant removes the training pain

Ordinarily, experience tells us that it often takes 1.5x longer to train an offshore staff member. This is predominantly due to the remote nature of the relationship with your new hire, as well as the cross-cultural challenges (although minor, they do exist). However, a Rockend Property Assistant is already trained. So they are not going to take time away from your local team for training, they can start immediately and free up your local staff to focus on the revenue generating tasks like growing your rent roll and servicing your landlords and tenants better.

2. Best practice

Because Rockend Property Assistants are trained by a certified trainer they process tasks the Rockend way; which means they follow best practice. This is great for an agency because it means that anyone can step in at anytime and take over any task knowing that it has been done correctly from the beginning. It also means that your data is being stored and collated in a logical and appropriate way ensuring that it makes sense to anyone looking at; now or in the future.

In addition, having a team that have all been trained exactly the same way, in line with industry best practice, means you can scale it up or down easily without any training or growing pains.

3. No resource gaps

With traditional outsourcing models, you engage with a provider and tend to be allocated one person that you work with on an ongoing basis. This has its benefits as that one person gets to know your business and how you like to do things. The downside is if that person is sick on takes leave then you are a resource down and it may not be so easy to pick up that person's jobs when they are away. However, with a Rockend Property Assistant you can be sure they are trained to a standard accredited program. This means that although you work with one person, if that person is sick, or goes on leave or doesn’t work out then another assistant can slide right in seamlessly.   

The Rockend Property Assistant is truly a first in the outsourcing industry and has been tailor made for REST and PropertyTree users; in partnership with Rockend. It is the perfect service for an agency of any size looking to grow and scale, by ensuring the right people are in the right roles i.e. your Australian team is working on growing the rent roll and servicing your landlords and tenants better; while your offshore Rockend Property Assistants take care of the admin load.

What is a Rockend Property Assistant?

A Rockend Property Assistant is an offshore staff member who is accredited to use REST and PropertyTree; as well as any of the 5 inspection management platforms that have rockend integrations. Property Assistants undergo 5 weeks of training; as well as, complete a stringent testing process to become accredited, and this occurs before being placed with a Real Estate Agency.

Property Assistants are skilled across 9 fundamental areas of property management:
  • Property Listing
  • Tenancy Marketing
  • Tenant Application Processing
  • Pre-Occupancy
  • Arrears Management
  • Routine Inspection Management
  • Maintenance and Repair Management
  • Lease Renewal Management
  • Tenancy Exit Administration

If you’re a Rockend user or thinking about moving to a Rockend product then click here and learn about how Beepo can help grow your agency and, most importantly, your bottom line.

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