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September 10, 2018

Quality no longer a concern with a Rockend Property Assistant at Beepo

One of the biggest concerns for businesses looking to outsource tasks to The Philippines is quality assurance. Many objectors to outsourcing offshore argue that if someone onshore has to check the quality of an offshore staff member’s work then what’s the point of outsourcing in the first place? There are many reasons why poor quality of work may be resulting from your offshore team, however most of these reasons are due to poor training, poorly documented processes and ongoing management practices, or inadequate recruitment. Having said that, under a standard ‘staff leasing/contracting’ outsourcing model there is always going to be some degree of quality control required at the business’ end; this is simply best practice for anyone looking to outsource.

The Rockend Property Assistant takes the standard ‘staff leasing/contracting’ model to the next level. This new model, designed for Real Estate businesses who use one of Rockend’s platforms (REST or PropertyTree), ensures fully trained, Rockend accredited staff are provided to Agencies.The staff training program undertaken by Philippines based Property Assistants,  is comprehensive and covers off the following nine fundamental areas of property management:

  • Property Listing
  • Tenancy Marketing
  • Tenant Application Processing
  • Pre-Occupancy
  • Arrears Management
  • Routine Inspection Management
  • Maintenance and Repair Management
  • Lease Renewal Management
  • Tenancy Exit Administration  

The training course takes 5 weeks to complete on a full time basis and all participants are tested for their knowledge, understanding and application of skills prior to being awarded the Rockend accreditation. It is only at this point staff are placed with a Real Estate business. In addition to this training program, the Beepo Real Estate Team is supported by account managers with impressive industry expertise, highly knowledgeable trainers and instructional designers who can convert any of your ad hoc processes into easy to understand training documents.

The Rockend Property Assistant is a first for the outsourcing industry and is an exclusive and welcome addition to Beepo’s product suite.

Obviously, this model has 3 clear benefits including:
1. No Training Pain

When you engage with a Rockend Property Assistant, Beepo takes care of the training for you. So your local team does not need to take on any training responsibilities which they may normally be required to do when hiring new staff who are not Rockend Accredited.

2. Quality Assurance

Rockend Property Assistants are accredited inline with industry best practice. So all Property Assistants at Beepo complete all of their tasks the same way. This provides you with the ability to build a highly scalable property management department without having to reinvent the wheel. As your rent roll grows you simply add another Rockend Property Assistant to your team and be comfortable in the knowledge that your new recruit won’t need any training and will do everything exactly the same way as the rest of your offshore team. You can also be sure that you are using your Rockend software in the most efficient manner possible.

3. No staffing gaps 

Quality Assurance goes beyond just how accurately a task is completed, it also relates to volume of work completed. There is no point in having the capability to complete a task with 100% accuracy if that task is taking 5 times longer than it should. Often, issues with volume relate directly to an organisation’s capacity to complete work. And one of the biggest causes of poor capacity is having staff away sick or on leave. Because Rockend Property Assistants are all trained the same way and all Rockend accredited, it is easy for another staff member to step in and take over if your regular offshore team member is sick or on leave. If your rent roll is large enough, the other benefit is round the clock processing ensuring industry best turn around times and leading service delivery for your landlords and tenants.

If you want to learn more about how an English speaking, university educated, Rockend accredited offshore support team can assist your Real Estate agency then check out: https://www.beepo.com.au/rpa.

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