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4 outsourcing benefits for NDIS plan managers
February 10, 2020

4 outsourcing benefits for NDIS plan managers

Written by: Gary Culverhouse

NDIS plan management businesses are faced with a wide variety of challenges operating in a relatively new and growing sector. Increased labour costs and difficulty sourcing, and then retaining qualified and enthusiastic staff presents some real issues. Add to this the large volume of back office admin that comes with the territory and this can be crippling for many businesses - ultimately impacting business growth.

Outsourcing is a smart resourcing strategy that can dramatically improve efficiencies, especially in a high growth industry where potential exists to increase market share quickly.

Here are the top four benefits of outsourcing for businesses.

  1. Efficiency and productivity gains

    Outsourcing provides the ability to completely transform the efficiency of your business, particularly with high volume, back office functions. An offshore team member can complete all the routine, back office admin such as processing invoices - creating more capacity in your local office and removing any bottlenecks that the mountain of admin may have previously created.

  2. Sourcing and retaining great talent

    Attracting and retaining local staff who are happy to do all of the high volume and mundane back office admin can be incredibly difficult. Through outsourcing you will immediately have access to a larger talent pool of highly qualified staff that love working on the tasks you have previously found it hard to recruit and retain staff for.

  3. Improve customer experience

    Improving how effectively your back office functions will indirectly impact your customer experience. Efficiency gains and improved turnaround times on routine admin like processing the sheer volume of incoming invoices, will enable your business to function more effectively and in turn provide a better customer experience. Plus, a quality outsourcing provider will provide a stringent quality assurance process and supportive management structure to ensure task delivery is completed with a high level of accuracy - which also indirectly affects your customer. And in an industry where word-of-mouth trumps all, customer experience needs to be at the absolute forefront of operations.

  4. Business growth

    The pain of back office admin can be crippling to the growth of any business. Without effective processes and resourcing in this area of your business - growth will always be out of reach. By leveraging outsourcing you can manage your back office functions efficiently - allowing you to capitalise on existing growth opportunities.

Interested in exploring outsourcing in your business?

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